Transform Your Home with Trim


The decorating possibilities are infinite. Revive a room by replacing the casings and baseboards, or add a “wow” factor with a crown or chair rail. Mouldings can take a room or an entire home from flat to fabulous in no time at all.

Base Board  : A baseboard runs along the length of a wall on the floor to conceal carpet, hardwood or other flooring gaps or imperfections. In the past, before vacuum cleaners and other modern cleaning devices made their appearance baseboards served to protect against wet mops sloshing against the walls and damaging the plaster or drywall. Baseboard combinations are often one of the easiest fixes to add a dramatically different ambience to any room with the least amount of effort.




Casing : Casings usually surround door and window openings and create a statement about the room’s character. Individual casing styles range from a contemporary style which emphasizes clean austere lines to a classic Victorian with ornate curves and profiles. By combining different types of casings you can develop unique blends of build up combinations. The only limitation is your imagination.


Chair Rail and Wainscot : Both practical and decorative a chair rail usually paired with wainscot it also adds protection to your wall from dents and scuffs. most commonly installed from 1/4 to 1/3  the length of the wall.






Crown : A room with standard ceiling heights may gain significant enhancement from a few simple pieces of moulding installed together to create a distinctive look and feel that will be immediately transferred to those that enter.

Coffered Ceilings : If you’d like to add dimension and character to a plain room, nothing beats the traditional look of a coffered ceiling


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For trim profiles and inspiration :, Windsor plywood, Pintrest, Houzz