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At Andlin Contracting we all know that we work hard for our money and realize the importance of getting the most out of every dollar spent. We know the stresses of hiring the right contractor that will give you the dream project you have worked long and hard to save for.

Andlin Contracting gives their clients full dedication to their project, leaving nothing to question and no corners cut. We strive to include the client in their project as much as they would like to be involved with a never to busy approach to answer any questions or concerns they may have. At Andlin Contracting we believe our clients deserve the very best no matter the size of the project. We look forward to working with you, so that you can experience first hand, our commitment to service and quality your project deserve.

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Flooring 101

Flooring 101 Choosing flooring is a big decision. That’s a big surface area you’re trying to cover and what you choose will have a major impact on the look, feel and use of each room in your house.  Laminate Flooring: Laminate flooring is made from composite wood...

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Home Humidity

Home Humidity It's important to maintain the proper humidity levels in your home to keep a comfortable, healthy space. So how do you determine what your home's situation is ? Measuring the humidity throughout your entire dwelling will give you a more complete answer....

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Have a look Thru

Have a look Thru Windows Your house may not be able to talk to you, but nevertheless, it gives you signs when something’s not right. A home’s windows are particularly communicative. Although they don’t last forever, high-quality, well-maintained windows could last for...

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