Reno D.I.Y

Reno D.I.Y Service.

Every time you start a do-it-yourself project you know what the project is and what the end result should look like. There will be things you know and probably a few things you don’t know but are willing to find out the “easy way” or the “hard way” ?

How did your last project go  ?

Did you find yourself standing in the local home centre or hardware store, facing a massive wall of products confused and unsure of which product or tool was the right one for your project ? You probably ended up spending lots of time looking for help, or bought a few extra products hoping one of them would work.?  So…….. what started out as a well intentioned do-it-yourself project turns into a week / month or maybe even a non – ending ordeal consisting of multiple trips to the hardware store, endless discussions with store employees, order delays, wrong sizes which ends in confusion, frustration, strained relations and your most valuable asset of time and hard earned money down the drain.

Over and Over we have seen cases where homeowners want to take on their own projects and are faced with these dilemmas.

They don’t want to hire a contractor to much $$

They have some skill, but is it enough for the project.

The stamina to co-ordinate, manage and put the project all together.

The possible what if’s and what to do’s when those unforeseen things happen

We are here to Help

Whether you’re in the planning process or in the middle of your DIY project and looking for advice, we are experts in the field of home renovations from small weekend projects to full remodels we can help get your project off in the right direction with

  • Project guidance
  • Layout and concept drawings
  • Hiring sub contractors
  • Scheduling
  • Permit applications
  • Site inspections
  • Material, tools and building products
  • Project specific tasks ( proper tools and labour as needed )
  • Priority service for those what if’s and what to do’s


We price our projects depending on the needs of our clients so every project is different.

Our project services are around 20% of your renovation budget plus any other charges that may occur outside of an arranged agreement.

For our project specific tasks that you would like us to do we will provide written estimates as need.